How We Meet

“Socializing on the internet is to socializing what reality TV is to reality.” – Aaron Sorkin

Frequent get-togethers is our Group’s primary purpose. The SAWGG season runs from September through July and includes:

Monthly Live Meetings

Held Friday nights in Denville for Members and their invited guests only. Doors open 7PM with mingling and munching, browsing our member library, entering a ticket for our door prize, and checking in (and checking out) bowl show entries, auction items, and F.R.E.E. table stuff (click here for auction info and rules).

After 30 minutes, members and their guests take their seats around tables and our door prize is pulled. Our Moderator then presents brief club business and announcements, followed by either a Member show-n-tell item, pics, or video; mini presentation; and/or reviewing posts on our Facebook Group. Moderated group discussion and Q&A follows.

After a brief break to refresh, browse, and socialize some more, we announce our bowl show and silent auction winners, and then end with our live auction.

Our live meetings run about 2.5 hours, but Members can drop in/out anytime.

Monthly Zoom Meetings

Held Friday nights at 8PM and last about 1.5 hours. After a brief catchup we host a Program featuring a guest speaker, discussion topic, or member presentation, followed by group discussion and Q&A. Our meetings are recorded and put on our “SAWGG:Drive” for Members to view or listen later.

Private Facebook Group

Members post photos, videos, successes and failures, and assist each other with questions and answers, 24/7. The Group is private (posts are not public) and only Members are approved to join.

Special Events

Throughout our season, we host “theme” meetings such as Halloween, Spring Pond Start-Up, Summer Picnic, and Holiday Potluck. These special meetings often have a free Tricky Tray, gift bags, group guys, and contests.

Member Outings

Previous trips have included Adventure Aquarium, the Bronx Zoo, and informal road trips to sister club meetings, weekend hobby events, and “Shop Hops.”

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