How the Group Meets

“It’s all about being a part of something in the community, socializing with people who share interests and coming together to help improve the world we live in.” – Zach Braff

SAWGG‘s season runs from September through August and includes:

Monthly Group Meetings:

Held on Friday evenings or Sunday afternoons twice a month in Denville. Here is what to expect at a “SAWGGathering”:

Your first stop is our Welcome Table. Grab a name tag, BAP-GAP submission form, and perhaps a membership application. Grab some refreshments. An at-will donation jar is here to help fund our meetings. Make sure you fill out a door prize entry too!

Mingle with our Members, browse our tables with our door prizes, bowl show, and library. Partake or add to our F.R.E.E. table (Free-Reuse-Expunge-Enjoy. Aquatic or garden items only please). Our auction tables are the most popular destination. Here’s your chance to donate, sell, or buy fish, plants, inverts, equipment, food cultures, books – anything aquatic or garden hobby related. Click here for the SAWGG auction rules.

After about 30 minutes, have a seat while we do some brief club business, followed by group discussion and Q & A from the floor, and member show and tell (pics, videos, items). We’ll take a brief break, then announce our bowl show winners and end with our live auction. Meetings run about 2 hours, but Members and their guests are welcome to drop in or depart anytime.

Monthly Zoom Meetings:

Feature a brief catchup with everyone, follwed by a guest speaker with slide program, or member presentations. Group Q&A and discussion follow. Meetings last about 1.5 hours.

Holiday / Solstice Party

Summer Picnic

Member Outings

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