What to Expect and Bring to a SAWGG Meeting

(besides yourself!)

Planning on visiting a SAWGG meeting? We welcome you as our guest! When you arrive, please check in at our…

Welcome Table: Here we have a sign-in sheet, refreshments, name tags, local guide to food and pet shops, BAP-GAP forms, and Membership forms. Bring something edible/drinkable to share if you like (or just bring yourself)! An at-will meeting fund jar is also here to support the table and the room.

Now have a seat, mingle or browse our..

Display Counter: SAWGG’s version of “show and tell.” Want to display an aquatic oddity? Interesting fish or plant? Vintage item? Out of print book? Here’s your chance to share it with our members for the evening. Or if a Member participate in our Bowl Show by displaying a fish in a container and take a chance at winning a ribbon! Our door prizes for the evening are also on display here.

The Living Swap Table: Bring a fish, invert, plant, or food culture to place on the swap table. That entitles you to take one home in return! Bring two, take up to two, etc. Participation is completely optional. Remaining items will be placed in the auction at the end of the meeting either as a donation or split (see below).

Free Stuff Nook: Kinda says it all. One hobbyist’s junk is another hobbyist’s treasure! Contribute or indulge yourself. Aquatic items only please.

Auction Table: Here’s your chance to unload, share, or acquire fish, plants, inverts, equipment, food cultures, books – anything hobby related. We live auction the table’s items at the end of the meeting.

When submitting items for the Auction or Swap tables please note:

  • Aquatic items only. Dry goods for auction are limited to 3 items please.
  • SAWGG assesses $1 from each item sold with the seller receiving the remainder. Donated items to support the club are most welcomed.
  • Fish and inverts should be submitted with 1/3 water and 2/3 air and double-bagged if not in a jar. A drop of ammonia neutralizer and/or piece of Poly Filter is an optional insurance. An auction item must include your name, or the word “donation.” BAP-GAP submissions should be indicated. A regular tipped permanent marker works best here. Don’t forget an insulated bag or cooler to transport live items!

After about 30 minutes of socializing, snacking, and browsing, we’ll do some brief club business and announcements, then a 30 minute (approx.) program. We end the meeting with the live auction (transactions are CASH ONLY. Please bring small bills if you can). Meetings run about 2 hours, but you are welcome to drop in or depart at your liking.

Try us out for two meetings as our guest. You’ll need to join SAWGG to attend after that. There are several benefits to becoming a Member.
Hope to see you one Friday!

Hope to see you at a SAWGG meeting!

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