SAWGG Auction Rules & Procedures

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  • Meeting auctions are cash only.
  • Any aquatic or gardening hobby-related item is acceptable, but it must be of auctionable size or quantity (i.e. no single stems of plants or tiny specimens; fish should be in pairs at minimum unless a display fish like angel, betta, etc). Other items can be placed on our F.R.E.E. table.
  • Donated items are most welcome and help support the club.
  • Aquatic animals are ideally jarred or double-bagged the day of or night before the meeting with 1/3 water, 2/3 air. A drop of ammonia neutralizer and/or piece of Poly-Filter® is a good idea. Jarred fish should be opened from time to time to allow air exchange. A cooler or insulated bag for transport is advised. Fill out a BAP/GAP submission form to bring along if desired (or email to us).
  • SAWGG will apply a 20% assessment to each Lot’s selling pricing (80-20 split) to support the club.
  • Sellers & Buyers must pick up their earnings and items at the end of the meeting.
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