Thank you for your interest in the Skylands Aquarium & Water Garden Group! SAWGG is a “small group format” club for hobbyists in Northwest New Jersey and surrounding areas. We provide a friendly forum for members to express and learn new ideas about the hobby and aquatic world, share successes and failures, and exchange livestock and supplies. SAWGG differs from traditional aquarium societies by emphasizing informal, frequent fellowship in a round-table format. Our guiding principle for everything we do is to make it “friendly, fun, and simple.”

• We meet live once a month on a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon in Morris County. Meetings include refreshments, socializing, group discussion, a short program or group show-and-tell, door prize, bowl show, free stuff, and an auction of member fish, plants, and dry goods.
• We also get together monthly on Zoom on a Friday or Saturday to chat and share pictures.
• Throughout the year our Members enjoy a Holiday party, Summer picnic, outings, and group buys. Our private Facebook Group allows Members to communicate any time.

SAWGG is incorporated as a New Jersey non-profit social club following Federal 501(c)7 guidelines. This means we must provide an opportunity for personal contact among Members, limit attendance to Members and their guests, and fund ourselves primarily through membership dues, donations, and assessments. We do not run public events or meetings, but are here to serve our Members. We stay poor and simple by design, which makes us rich in fun and fellowship.

If the keeping, cultivation, or conservation of aquatic life interests you, and you want to meet local hobbyists in a safe, social environment to learn new things, share ideas, and acquire new species, contact us here.

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* LIVE MEETINGS ARE POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Members are meeting and holding auctions exclusively online during this pandemic. Stay safe and protect your fellow citizens: Wear a mask. Social distance. Avoid indoor gatherings.