The Skylands Aquarium & Water Garden Group (SAWGG) is a registered non-profit social club for hobbyists in Northwest New Jersey and the surrounding area. We provide a safe, friendly, roundtable forum for hobbyists to connect, learn from guest speakers and programs, and exchange livestock, plants, and supplies.

SAWGG meets twice a month (live and Zoom) and 24/7 on our Facebook Group. Frequent get-togethers for our hobbyist Members is SAWGG’s primary mission. Our live meetings in Denville are around tables and include refreshments, door prize, library, bowl show, F.R.E.E. table, and an auction of uncommon fish, plants, and dry goods. Our Zoom meetings feature a guest speaker or program followed by Q&A. Members also enjoy a Holiday party, Summer picnic, outings, and group buys. Our 24/7 Facebook Group is private and non-discoverable.

Interested in visiting SAWGG and possibly joining as a Member? Browse our top menu for more details or click here to contact us about attending one of our live or online meetings as our guest!