Contacting SAWGG

General Questions: Fill out our contact form below, then click “Contact Us’ to send.

Prospective Members & Visiting SAWGG: Please review the following. If interested, we welcome you to fill out the contact form below, then click “Contact Us’ to send.

  • Due to current space limitations, SAWGG is limiting new memberships to hobbyists from its Skylands Region (map above).
  • Engaging and interacting with other hobbyists is our primary purpose and should be your primary reason for exploring SAWGG. As a visitor you should be comfortable sitting around tables.
  • You can apply for membership after attending one of our live meetings.
  • Candidates for membership must have not sustained any criminal convictions evidencing moral failure.

Code of Conduct: To keep our “SAWGGatherings” fun for all:

  1. For unsolicited chats, loud or public conversations, messaged clothing: no polarizing or provocative issues, or expletive language, that could make others you don’t know uncomfortable.
  2. Rude or argumentative behavior is not tolerated.
  3. Good hygiene expected (don’t come right after the gym 😊)

Other Area Aquarium Clubs:

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