Breeders & Growers Award Programs

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” — Henry David Thoreau


SAWGG Breeder & Grower Award Programs recognize the accomplishments of our Members, helps with species conservation, and brings new species into the Group and our auctions. Participation is optional.

Rank Awards and Specialty Certifications are awarded for fish and inverts spawned by natural means (no hormones), and plants propagated. To be credited, submissions must be auctioned at a SAWGG event with submission form. The 2 Programs are:

1. Rank Awards

Point-based system awarded on the number of species or established hybrids bred, or plant species or cultivars propagated. Points are only awarded one time per species.

FISH & INVERT BAP Submission Criteria (aquarium or pond bred):

  • 5 fish from a spawn that are,
  • at least 45 days old, and of
  • auctionable size and health (would you buy them?)

PLANT GAP Submission Criteria (aquarium-grown):

  • grown cutting or division from a mother plant (simply growing a plant larger does not qualify as propagation), that has a
  • root system established and independent, and of
  • auctionable size or quantity (would you buy them?)

PLANT GAP Submission Criteria (pond-grown):

  • same criteria as above
  • pond-grown plants are eligible for Specialist Certifications rather than points.
Rank AwardedSpeciesClasses (at least)
Breeder (Grower)102
Advanced Breeder (Grower)203
Senior Breeder (Grower)304
Expert Breeder (Grower)405
Master Breeder (Grower)506
Grand Master Breeder (Grower)607

2. Specialist Certification

Awarded after spawning at least 5 species in a particular Class:

Labrynth Fish
Mouth Brooding Cichlids
Substrate-Brooding Cichlids
Goldfish or Koi
Substrate-Spawning Killifish
Water-Spawning Killifish
Marine Fish
Other Marine Animals
North American Native Fish
Loaches / Botias / Eels
Other Invertibrates
IUCN Red List Fish (endangered or extinct categories)
Stem Plants
Aponogeton & Crinums
Floating Plants
Rosette Plants
Anubias & Lagenandra
Ferns & Mosses
Aquarium Waterlilies
Pond-Grown Waterlilies
Pond-Grown Plants
Marine Plants & Algaes


BAP CLASSES: AB Labyrinth Fish; CO Mouth-Brooding Cichlids; CN Substrate-Brooding Cichlids; TR Tetras (Characids); CT Catfish; LV Livebearers; CY Cyprinids (barbs, danio, etc); GK Goldfish or Koi; KS Substrate-Spawning Killifish; KW Water-Spawning Killifish; MF Marine Fish; MA Other Marine Animals; NA N. America Native Fish; BL Botias/Loaches/Eels; SH Shrimp; IN Other Inverts (snails, etc); RB Rainbowfish; AM Amphibians.

GAP CLASSES * : SP Stem Plants; EC Echinodorus (Amazon Sword;) AC Aponogeton & Crinums; CR Cryptocorynes; FP Floating Plants; RP Rosette Plants; AL Anubias & Lagenandra; FM Ferns & Mosses; AW Aquarium Waterlilies; PW Pond-Grown Hardy Waterlilies; PT Pond-Grown Tropical Waterlilies; PO Pond-Grown Plants; MP Marine Plants & Algaes.

* All GAP Classes are aquarium-grown unless specified as “pond”.

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